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A provider independent bandwidth optimizer solution designed to optimize SatCom utilization and guarantee optimum performance at the lowest possible cost.

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Web Based Reporting

data reporting

Various types of statistical reporting are available to Company IT professionals for evaluating vessel SatCom performance. Data can be downloaded in excel format giving IT professionals the opportunity to further manipulate and extract valuable information.

Web Based Realtime Configuration


The device can be fully configured with the use of a dedicated WEB interface. Firewall rules and port forwarding are uploaded to the box with a click of a button.

Realtime Vessel Positioning


Vessel status reports(vessel positioning, terminal uptime, signal, usage and traffic by user-defiined type), via the Comix Web Interface, are available in real time to the Company IT personnel.

SAT Equipment Independency


Comix works seamlessly with any type of terminal (FBB-VSAT) in either homogeneous or mixed configuration.


Basic and advanced firewall and routing capabilities. Supports IP filtering for both incoming and outgoing traffic and port forwarding with NAT. Rules are configured through a Web interface and the vessel is updated real time.

Two-in-One (2/1) Hardware Redundancy

Hardware Redundancy is supported through the use of dual independent hardware units, configured as primary and secondary hot spare.In the event of failure of the primary unit, the hot spare automatically takes over.

Terminal Log Collection

Automated log collection from SatCom terminals ensures accurate billing from Airtime Service Providers.

Terminal Failover/LCR

Comix supports terminal redundant configuration with automatic failover on bad connection or malfunction. LCR is supported on multiple terminals based on prioritisation schemes.

Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates

Software updates and bug fixes are performed seamlessly Over-The-Air (OTA) and automatically on a predefined schedule ensuring that the boxes are up to date and working uninterruptedly.

Additional Features Include

Fleet Configuration Profiles, Virtual Private Networking, File Synchronization with Compression and Web Service Automation.

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