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A complete on-board Internet Café solution that enables ship owners to provide “crew welfare” and increase crew loyalty.

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data reporting

Internet Cafe' support on board via usage of Access Pins (Time or Data traffic based pins), which can be obtained on board. When users try to access the Internet they are requested their PIN and password and they are informed of their remaining time/data for usage. Upon authentication they are free to access the Internet at will, until all their remaining data/time expires.

Web acceleration & Access Control


Web acceleration increases effective bandwidth for Crew. It features ad removal, image compression and page caching. Access Control allows to comply with Company Policy. Access contol lists allow and/or deny URL page access.

Crew Pin & Web Usage Reporting


Pin usage is provided via web interface reporting ( Comix Web Interface) and made available to the IT personnel.

Web caching/acceleration/compression

Web caching and acceleration is provided to avoid transferring useless data over the satellite and to increase available bandwidth for “crew welfare”. Advertising removal and image compression by reducing image quality can achieve up to 90% compression of downloaded web page data. Additionally, caching of static pages onboard can also reduce traffic exchanged over satellite.

Access Control List

The capability is provided to deny or allow Internet access to a predefined list of URL pages depending on the Crew Welfare Policy of the Shipping Company.

Two-in-One (2/1) Hardware Redundancy

Full hardware redundancy is supported with the use of two separate optimizers in one box working transparently as one. In case of failure of one box, control automatically passes over to the second box.

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