Space Horizon covers a wide area of services such as:


Advanced Data Analytics algorithms can correlate multiple inputs in order to make decisions about the performance of a vessel.

Cyber Security

Α holistic Cyber Security approach, which includes (but not limited to) an Information Security Management (ISMS) scheme as well as advanced firewall and routing capabilities.

Web Based Reporting

Internet traffic analysis and reporting for evaluating SatCom performance.

SatCom Audit

Automated log collection from SatCom terminals ensures accurate billing from Airtime Service Providers.

Realtime Vessel Positioning

Realtime position of the vessel on a world map, combined with weather conditions, satellite coverage footprints, the vessel’s course and day/night overlays.

Internet Café

Internet Café onboard using access pins.

Alerts Service

This service allows the customers to set their own alerts upon certain events. For example when the Internet data has exceeded a pre-defined threshold or when the Satellite Connection is lost.


The Space Horizon software can be installed either on Space Horizon’s proprietary hardware, or on a virtualization platform (VMware ESXi or Microsoft Hyper-V).

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