Tier Plans

ISO 27001
Silver Gold
Endpoint Protection (EP)
L3/L4/L7 Firewall Engine (FE)
Network Perimeter Vulnerability Assessment (NPVA)
Cloud-delivered Network Threat Protection (CNTP)

Note: The Endpoint Protection (EP) and the Firewall Engine (FE) are not prerequisites for the other services.

How it works

Cloud-delivered Network Threat Protection (CNTP):

  • Cloud-delivered security threat protection and content filtering for your network
  • Stops malware before it reaches your network
  • Fast deployment, with no hardware to install, or software to maintain, and zero network overhead

Network Perimeter Vulnerability Assessment (NPVA):

  • Continuous vulnerability assessment of a vessel’s network perimeter, exposing vulnerabilities and identifying signs of potential malicious activity on your network
  • Meaningful reports and recommended actions

Firewall Engine (FE):

  • A powerful firewall engine that makes even the most complex setups easy to administer. It is designed for high security and it is hardened to protect itself from attacks
  • Centralized management, visibility, and control
  • VPN support
  • Alerts

Endpoint Protection (EP):

  • Endpoint Antivirus that provides robust antivirus protection, while using minimal bandwidth

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